Recipe Book: Oven Conversions

Not a very exciting page, I’ll agree. However, my oven is in Celsius and I don’t want to be responsible for giving people the wrong oven conversions. Baking can be a very emotional and exhilarating experience and I’d hate to ruin that by messing up oven temperatures.

This is an approximate conversion chart between gas mark and electric ovens. This information was copied from the FAQ.

Gas Mark Fahrenheit Celsius Description
1/4 225 110 Very cool/very slow
1/2 250 130
1 275 140 cool
2 300 150
3 325 170 very moderate
4 350 180 moderate
5 375 190
6 400 200 moderately hot
7 425 220 hot
8 450 230
9 475 240 very hot

This chart should be accurate enough for all your cooking needs, though keep in mind the temperatures will vary between different types, brands, sizes of ovens, in addition to your locations altitude, temperature, humidity, etc.


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