The Howff’s Recipe Book

I often get people coming into the shop with cooking queries. Cooking is one thing I love to do, and I’m never happier than when I have a great heap of ingredients to make into a great table-load of deliciousness.

However, I am aware that many people are wary, afraid and nervous about cooking. So many times I hear people say ‘oh I can’t cook’, or ‘I’m hopeless when it comes to cooking’ or ‘I wouldn’t know where to start’. TV shows and TV chefs make it look so easy, as they whip up fancy dishes and chop up veg at the speed of light. Add a little garnish and a swirl of a unpronounceable sauce and it’s no wonder people are too intimidated to cook!

There is no mystery to cooking. It’s about knowing your ingredients and what they can do. It’s about knowing how to use a knife and a chopping board and an oven. It’s about following a recipe until you feel confident about changing and adapting it and making it yours. It’s about feeding the people you love and the feeling of satisfaction that you get when you make something from scratch that tasted delicious.

This part of is to share recipes and de-mystify the process of cooking. One day, I’d love to hold cooking workshops and help people learn the basics of cooking in their own kitchens. Until that day, please come and talk to me at the shop about cooking – your fears, your aspirations and to give me ideas of new things to make. If you mention that you’ve read this part of my website, I’ll give you tea or coffee and a cake as a thank you!


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