Shortbread Secrets

Shortbread is a delicious thing. Have you ever eaten it? It’s quintessentially Scottish, although the ingredients are widely available elsewhere. It’s also kind of magical, because it only has three ingredients.

However, it’s surrounded in a kind of mystery and so many people claim not to be able to make it. There’s a myth of ‘no one can make shortbread like my granny‘, and ‘oh my mother had the secret to a good shortbread‘ – both of which put aspiring shortbread makers off. Also, there’s a lot of bad shortbread out there. There really is some terrible cloying, claggy, greasy stuff that’s masquerading as shortbread because the consumers don’t know any better.

I make shortbread at The Howff Kitchen, mainly for wedding favours. I make shortbread as the base for several traybakes as I find that it’s strong enough to support all the layers on top of it, and it doesn’t get soggy. I use the recipe that I got from my grandfather’s 1947 edition of ‘Modern Confectionery’ – he was a baker and had a shop in Gorgie (Edinburgh). I was fortunate enough to get his recipe books after he passed away.

I am willing to share my shortbread recipe and secrets with you all – but I’m setting a challenge. If I get 100 likes on this post, I will share my recipe. To make it more fun, I will also judge your shortbread making skills and send an official THK recipe card and THK shortbread to the winner. I will attach a link for you to upload your videos and photos, once I get 100 likes on this post. It’s kind of like a Great Shortbread Baking Challenge.

Challenge accepted??




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