Brief: Chocolate Cake with Buttercream

I make cakes to order. I’m by no means an expert baker. There are far more talented bakers in East Lothian – if you don’t believe me, check out Facebook and search for East Lothian bakers. However,  I like baking and my customers at the shop like my baking, and every time I make a special cake I feel like I am getting better at it. I particularly like the new trend for naked, semi-naked and drip cakes.

Usually people give me  idea of what they want (the brief). Sometimes they’re brave and leave it up to me to come up with something suitable for their event. Sometimes they bring in pictures of cakes and ask me to copy them (an impossible task). Other times, like for the cake above, it was ‘chocolate cake with buttercream’. I like wide open briefs (!) like that. It leaves a lot of scope for the imagination and means I can play with techniques and styles.

For this cake, I baked a chocolate mud sponge cake (recipes are available online), in three square baking tins, and after cutting each layer in half, I sandwiched each layer with chocolate milkshake frosting mix from Sugar&Crumbs. Then I made a three chocolate shell using the balloon technique. It took longer to make than the whole cake! Bits of the chocolate broke off as I released the air from the balloon. I quite like this, as it adds to the organic, originality of the shell. I used praline sea shells to finish off the cake and then sprinkled it with edible gold glitter.


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